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Dear Esteemed Tractor & Trailer Operator,

The Association of Tractor & Trailer Operators – ATTO

It is my pleasure as the administrative secretary to introduce The Association of Tractor & Trailer Operators – ATTO. The association was founded by the following transporters namely, Attrans Ltd, Express Trailers Ltd, Fahrenheit Logistics Ltd, Falcotrans Ltd, GMC Transport Co Ltd and Parnis England Trucking Ltd whose representatives form part of the executive committee under the chairmanship of Mr Antoine Vella.

The main objectives of the association are to protect and to promote the general interests of our members and to establish and maintain the best possible relations between members, the association, the authorities, and other stakeholders.

In our first year, we have achieved the following milestones:

  • After creating the statute, our application to enroll ATTO as a Voluntary Organisation has been accepted under the Business Organisations Classification;
  • Bank of Valletta has approved the opening of a bank account;
  • We have been honored to become members of the International Road Transport Association – IRU;
  • EuroTran, a public affair agency in Brussels and Strasbourg close to the EU decision makers has invited us to join their forces to elevate the burden coming from the new EU Road - Transport legislation;
  • We have found the cooperation of the Ministry of Transport and of Transport Malta in our quest to have better conditions for our Maltese haulers operating in Europe;
  • Our website ATTO - Association of Tractor and Trailer Operators : Homepage was created;
  • ATTO had the honor and the privilege to take part in The Permanent Committee of Family Affairs at our Parliamentary House.

The executive committee of ATTO is now aiming to increase the number of members of the association by asking other transport operators to join ATTO. Our industry in Malta employs more than 1000 workers.

You can download the Member Application Form here. Kindly include with the application a copy of the Operating License by Transport Malta if any and a copy of the ID cards of the members applying to join A.T.T.O.

Anthony Mifsud
Administrative Secretary